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The right technology partner ensures an on-time launch on a new system.

Lululemon athletica inc. is a designer and retailer of technical athletic apparel headquartered in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. The Company offers high-end apparel and accessories for women, men and female youth. The Company conducts its business through two channels: corporate-owned stores and direct to consumer and markets its athletic apparel under the lululemon athletica and ivivva athletica brand names. As of February 1, 2015, the Company's retail footprint included 211 stores in the United States, 57 stores in Canada, 26 stores in Australia, 5 in New Zealand, 2 in the United Kingdom and 1 in Singapore with an annual revenue of approximately $1.8 Billion.

The Problem

Lululemon was having issues with their technology partner as they were transitioning to Adobe AEM. Adobe AEM was the new platform they had invested heavily in and were still learning about. Lululemon’s Education & Community production-release website needed to be live with all source code and project related configuration files complete and delivered with a migration of Lululemon’s informational website pages to Adobe AEM (CQ). The timing was right to find a new technology partner that could ensure a successful project, while also providing training to the in-house team.


Our Solution

We collaborated with the lululemon team through discovery sessions, technical review sessions and weekly status meeting to fully engage and learn what their needs were and to keep them abreast of what was happening along the way.

Lululemon, PN tool sends responsive HTML eMails to various devices, vairous HTML providers.   


Another Challenge -  The Product Notification Tool

Empowering store managers & eliminating unsold inventory by connecting with local customers

Lululemon came to us to see if we could help solve the problem of unsold inventory. Compounding the issue was the fact that each store had different products that were selling. A centralized solution controlled by Lululemon HQ wouldn’t work since the needs of each community were different, and no one knew that better than the employees of each store. That’s where Content Thread came in.


Our Solution

We helped Lululemon envision a tool that would empower store-level employees to deal with this unsold inventory. The Product Notification tool allows them to drive email marketing campaigns by promoting real time inventory to local customers. It allows store managers to alert these customers when new products arrive, managing inventory in real time while meeting demand and building relationships.

We created a new UI that separated dependency. The PN tool gives store employees the ability to choose from multiple themes and templates. A separate preview panel shows non-technical users what their emails would look like in customers’ hands, allowing for greater creative freedom. This powerful tool is a great example of how we used technology to make a real difference in Lululemon’s retail practices.

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