Rimidi’s compelling vision for chronic care management

Founded in 2014 by a seasoned group of physicians and healthcare professionals, Rimidi provides a proprietary, cloud-based software platform for both patients and providers to identify gaps in chronic illness management through remote patient monitoring and guideline-based clinical decision support.

Visual Design

A More Efficient Cycle

Since their inception, the Atlanta-based company has expanded their platform beyond their initial scope of diabetes care to include heart failure, nonalcoholic fatty liver disease, cardiovascular diseases, and most recently, obesity. To help bring that vision to fruition, Rimidi relied on the experience and expertise of Content\Thread to develop a robust, provider-facing application. This app allows clinicians to seamlessly navigate between chronic illnesses, creating a holistic view of any patient across populations.

Working within the Electronic Health Record (EHR) workflow, in conjunction with user-generated data, Rimidi provides real-time patient information. This vital information allows clinicians to not only virtually manage a patient, but also risk stratify through proactive monitoring.

A More Complete View

In order to comprehensively understand an individual’s health status, Rimidi aggregates EHR data and combines it with patient-driven data acquired through the custom app developed by Content\Thread. Designed and engineered to deliver a simple bridge between home measurement devices (glucometers, CGMs, and insulin pens) and clinicians, Rimidi’s Glucometer app empowers patients by creating a complete picture of their diabetes in context to their lives. This level of insight drives decisions on the physicians’ end while encouraging personalized lifestyle changes.

Designing the Future of Healthcare

Working around a previously built logo mark, Content\Thread was tasked to impart Rimidi’s vision of an optimized workflow by refining and expanding their existing branding. Content\Thread developed a playfully illustrative, yet undeniably human visual system to effortlessly communicate the complex strategies and concepts of the platform’s backend technology. While the brand’s whimsy rarely shows into the utility-focused clinician app, it lives prominently on external communication pieces to narrate a compelling vision for chronic care management.