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Adobe Analytics

Praised for providing actionable insights rather than unusable canned reports, Adobe Analytics supports mixing, matching, and analyzing data from any digital point in the customer journey. This versatile product accelerates in-depth analysis, facilitates customized reporting, and uses built-in predictive intelligence.

Adobe Analytics capabilities include:

Web Analytics

Measure traffic sources, customer paths, and content engagement via streaming web data collection.

Marketing Analytics

Aggregate marketing analytics across channels, generated quickly and efficiently, to support analysis and decision-making.


Understand powerful customer attribution from paid, owned, and earned media.

Predictive Analytics

Uncover hidden data patterns and statistical insights, powered by AI and machine learning, through Adobe Experience Cloud integrations.

C\T’s Adobe Analytics Implementations By Industry

  • Professional Services
  • Manufacturing
  • Healthcare
  • Education

Prevalent Business

  • Sales & Marketing
  • Customer Experience
  • IT Productivity
  • Data Analysis
  • Product Development
  • Public Relations
  • Internal Communications
  • Budget Control

C\T’s + Adobe Platform Offerings

Capabilities Rainbow

Content Thread specializes in providing comprehensive, expert technical solutions tailored specifically to Adobe platforms.

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