Technical Services:

Adobe Commerce

Adobe Commerce supports creation of comprehensive, personalized B2C and B2B commerce experiences from a single flexible, scalable platform.

Several platform capabilities include:

Page Builder

Create personalized content with an easy-to-use interface.

Product Recommendations

Provide an array of data-driven recommendations and merchandising rules.

Inventory Management

Give customers buying options with real-time inventory data and sourcing algorithms that expedite fulfillment.

Integrated B2B

Incorporate existing back-end systems.

Data Analysis Reports

Centralize data, define applicable metrics more precisely, and support better enterprise-wide understanding using easy-to-interpret visualizations.

Payment Services

Process and manage payments and all order data from every storefront, safely and securely, from Commerce Dashboard.

C\T’s Adobe Commerce Implementations By Industry

  • Manufacturing (B2B and B2C Sales)

Prevalent Business Applications

  • Sales & Marketing
  • Customer Experience
  • Supply Chain & Fulfillment
  • Payment Processing
  • IT Productivity
  • Data Analysis
  • Product Development

C\T’s + Adobe Platform Offerings

Capabilities Rainbow

Content Thread specializes in providing comprehensive, expert technical solutions tailored specifically to Adobe platforms.

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