Let's stop calling it SEO

By: Chris McIlvoy / September 10th 2021 / Optimization
Let's stop calling it SEO

At Content Thread we are frequently asked, "Will our site experience be SEO-friendly?". Our response is generally to turn this question into "Yes, we ensure your site will be GO-friendly". Google-Optimized. This response is laden in the sheer market dominance of Google for querying the web for data (estimates over 90% of searches); adding in the browser market share (upwards of 70%). The result is a single "engine" for searching the web.

There is a glimmer of competition from companies like DuckDuckGo and Bing, but these account for a tiny fraction of the market.

Given this dominant market position, this leaves Google setting the goal-posts and defining the typical monopolistic practices expected from an organization with outsized market share.

How Content Thread achieves Google-Optimization

At Content Thread we focus on delivering high-quality, standards-based HTML. Adding to this we ensure the following items are addressed:

To ensure we have met the specifications, we spent lots of time in Google Search Console (formerly Google Webmaster Tools). A recent update to this experience provides a clean way to navigate the Google crawler results and potential issues related around sitemaps, mobile usability and page experience.

Google has a very opinionated perspective on certain items such as mobile font size. Reading through the documentation, a developer will discover it is not as simple as modifying a font size but more related to how the viewport is managed for the application.

Content Thread front-end developers are seasoned in addressing these items in a fashion that can help not compromise the design experience but also keep the Google "machine" happy.